Dale Harrison

3rd Shift Line Cook


Dark, thin, and impassioned. Dale looks like a spot-on representation of a line cook. Slightly greasy, with a pointed goatee and stained apron and clothing. His arms are covered in little burns and scars, but a smile comes easily to his face. Even if it is tinged a bit bitter.


Dale likes working nights. It’s much more interesting to people watch then. He is, of his own romantic admission, a student of human existence. He hopes one day to evoke the emotion and drama he sees every day in written form. Get him talking about his writing, and he’ll often forget to start his cooking. Which is a shame, because he is a damn fine cook.

Dale’s biggest problem has always been that he has big, grand ideas but details elude him. He is happy enough where he is, however. Especially when cops come to eat. He’ll grill them some hash browns, then try to grill them for gory details. Inspiration for his stories, he claims.

Dale Harrison

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