Jem Hastings

3rd Shift Waitress


A heavily tattooed and pierced young woman, Jem nevertheless maintains a sunny disposition. Her hair is a riotous kaleidoscope, always changing color and shape. She is usually bursting with energy, though accusing her of being bubbly is risking an expert punch to the gut.


Jem likes to joke with regular customers, and sees them as quasi-friends. She will eagerly tell them how she is putting herself through college… or trying to, in any case. She’s just on a little break, you see. Until her funds are stable. Jem can’t even pin down what she wants to study. It’s all so interesting. Maybe she’ll be a teacher, some day.

She also seems to have problems with her men. Jem never seems to have a relationship last longer than a month. Some of her boyfriends come visit her at work, and they seem decent enough to her coworkers. Maybe she just lets herself be taken advantage of too easily.

Jem Hastings

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