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  • "Maud" Tanner

    She runs her diner with a focus on the bottom line, but everyone knows she has a soft heart underneath it all. When she's in, Maud makes sure to check on every customer that she knows and attempts to get to know those she doesn't. She doesn't get around …

  • Kris

    To the people around him, Kris is a bit of a mystery. He is quiet, but friendly. When he deigns to speak, people notice a hint of untraceable accent. His coworkers make a game out of coming up with elaborate back-stories about where he's from and what …

  • Jem Hastings

    Jem likes to joke with regular customers, and sees them as quasi-friends. She will eagerly tell them how she is putting herself through college... or trying to, in any case. She's just on a little break, you see. Until her funds are stable. Jem can't …

  • Dale Harrison

    Dale likes working nights. It's much more interesting to people watch then. He is, of his own romantic admission, a student of human existence. He hopes one day to evoke the emotion and drama he sees every day in written form. Get him talking about …

  • Terrance Smith

    Terrance is new to the beat, but he walks it with pride. He often mentions that he comes from a line of cops, all the way back to when horse carriages were common on the streets of Boston. Time will tell if he lives up to his badge.

  • Marco Guitierrez

    Marco's got a great sense of humor, and loves to have fun. He used to be a wrestler, and always harbored a secret wish to join the WWE. When he's on the job, however, he conducts himself with enough dignity to avoid being called heavy-handed.

  • Xavier Johnson

    A hotheaded upstart, Xavier likes to throw his weight around. It has been said that people believe he joined the police for the power and his talks about what he'll do once he's promoted lend credence to that rumor.

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