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Welcome to The District! A place of beautiful urban vistas, interesting folks and organizations, and rich traditions! We are on several major bus lines, and Kringale Train Station lies smack dab in the middle of our quaint little slice of Boston!

Lost? A trip to the local Police can sort you out, as our helpful and friendly officers direct you on your way. Be sure to report any Criminal activity you witness to them! If you’re in need of less concrete direction, perhaps you would be interested in exploring our numerous Religious Centers.
Of course, we have plenty of places to spend your time and money while you find yourself! Check out our registry of Major Bars and Restaurants and Places of Business to fill any need you might have. If you’re in the mood for some simple relaxing, don’t forget we also have several Parks and Recreational Facilities.

While you’re here, make sure to ask our affable citizens about our rich history of Urban Legends. I’m sure you’ll agree they’re a hoot!

Above all, enjoy yourselves and stay safe in your travels of our little district of Boston!

Main Page

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