Religious Centers

When searching for answers, look no further than the place of God of your choice. There are several nestled quietly away on this side of Boston, and all are places of peace and worship. They include:

St Anthony’s Catholic Cathedral
St Anthony’s is the largest church in the district, catering to a diverse congregation of faithful Catholics. They have many vocal, evangelical programs and members, as well as one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture this side of Boston. Its looming arches, playful gargoyles, and heavy stained glass windows look down upon the block with a careful, steady presence.

St Gregory’s Catholic Church
As opposed to its ostentatious sibling across the district, St Gregory’s holds itself up with an tranquil grace and a little luck. Much smaller and in worse repair, St Gregory’s is mostly visited for the use of its extensive graveyard. Close to 60% of funeral services in the district are preformed by St Gregory’s eccentric priests.

Bethel Grove Church
A rambunctious Protestant denomination, the parishioners of Bethel Grove are known for loudly condemning St Anthony’s for most of the problems faced by the district. While small and ill-funded, Bethel Grove gives most of what it has to charity drives and projects. It always seems on the verge of closing down, however.

Glorious Allah’s House of Boston Mosque
Members of the community have often been suspicious of the district’s little mosque, which drives the Muslim members to draw into insularity. Mostly, they just try to fly under the radar to avoid trouble.

Religious Centers

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