Father Cathal Brody

Itinerant Priest


Tall and dark, but certainly not handsome, Father Brody could better be described as an edifice than a man. His face is creased with pain and fading scars. With his salt-and-pepper crew cut and broad shoulders you could be forgiven for thinking he was a military man. When he speaks, especially in front of a congregation, his voice is low – barely above a whisper – but intense enough that no one struggles to hear him. It’s a voice from somewhere far away, heavy with memories and the smell of dew on green fields.


Soft spoken and well meaning as he may seem if you do any digging on Father Brody you’ll find that he’s been a problem for the Catholic Church ever since he came to America. He’s been bounced from parish to parish until landing at Saint Gregory’s, where he makes an oddly functional team with Father Hoyle.

Father Cathal Brody

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